Welcome to the JASKÓŁKA GPS Game.

Similar to the global GPS Game “Geocaching”, you can now use a GPS and compass to walk and search for one or more of the 7 hidden ammo boxes (A thru G) on the terrain of  Pension  JASKÓŁKA.

The coordinates of the first three boxes (A, B & C) are pre-loaded in the GPS, or can easily be loaded into the unit. These are the 3 easiest boxes,
so we recommend to start with one of them.

The coordinates of the next 3 boxes (D, E & F) will be revealed after
answering a couple of questions, and must then be loaded into the
GPS. Only the right answers will lead to the correct coordinates.

For box D you will have to answer questions in and around  the pension premises and the village of Marczow.

For box E you’ll be send into the field to solve a couple of orientation and positioning questions.

For box F we challenge your arithmetic powers by letting you solve a couple of number puzzles prior to the search.

The coordinates of the final box (G) will only be known after you have found all 6 other boxes. Each of the boxes A thru F contains a logbook with a printed number inside the left cover. Only with all 6 numbers, the coordinates of box G will be known and can be loaded in the GPS.

In this last box the left inside cover of the logbook contains a code word, which entitles you to get a complimentary drink in our bar, as a reward for your successful treasure hunts.

For the children, this last box contains all kinds of giveaways. If they’ve been helpful while searching, each child may take an item.

Each of the 7 boxes contains a logbook and a pen in a waterproof pouch

Please use the logbook to record your visit and include highlights of your search. As a minimum, write down the date of your visit, but also your experiences. Was it difficult to find, or very easy. What was the weather like, how big was your search party and things like that. Name, address and country will also be appreciated.

For each of the boxes an additional description is available, which you can take with you while on search, together with the GPS manual and the navigator quick start guide.

We wish you a lot of fun while walking and searching…!

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