We are Elena and Roel den Burger and we have the pleasure of owning a large house with 65 acres in Marczow in Poland. We renovate the house into a small pension named “Jaskolka”.

Marczow is about 820 km. from Venlo and some 70 km. from the border crossing at Gorlitz.
The village is very small and is situated in a nature reserve that is extremely pleasant with many varieties of birds to be found, in the neighbouring woods and estates you also come across deer and wild pigs.

We have named the house Jaskolka which means Swallow, the reason for this was in the fact that at the time we decided to buy the house,there were many around and they are to be found nesting in and around the house.

The surrounding area and what you can expect to find
The South of Poland is known for its mountains ranges, The Sudeten, the mountain ranges and ridges that border with Tsjecho-Slovakia. The highest of these ranges and with a length of 35 kilometers is Karkonosze and is between the 1350 and 1450 meters high. The highest top is 1600 meters and is known as Sniezka. There are different rivers and streams that finish up as waterfalls. Not to be compared with the waterfall of Schaffhausen, but a waterfall of some 10 meters and with the woodlands around making it really beautiful. The woodlands in Poland are full of the most beautiful green colours and their contrast against the mountings make for breath taking pictures. The Autumn is again full of the most extraordinary colours with the trees changing into their autumn hews to be followed by winter that in Poland can be extremely pleasant. It is more then often then not very cold with low temperatures, but because there is very little wind and lots of sun the winters are very enjoyable.

It is possible to ski on the slopes at Sudeten which is about 20 kilometers from Marczow.
If you wish to ‘langlauf’ you don’t have to go far, because it is possible to do so right behind the house. You can ‘langlauf’ for hours without having to see or hear another person.

During the summer and the other season you can take pleasant walks, ride your bike or take a day trip with the car. There is a dam that can be visited nearby if you can face driving over the very small roads that lead to it and take a swim or swim in one of the other more excisable waters. All in all one can say that the Polish landscape is beautiful and certainly worth a visit.

If you enjoy a day trip, then Praag is to be found some 150 km. from the house, a city that is certainly worth visiting.

The population of Marczow and neighbouring area
The people living off the land are very often poor in our eyes, but extremely hospitable.
They will always show their best side and invite one in for a Vodka, which is the Polish National drink.

The villages are very slow moving and the majority of the people are older, as the youth leave for the city or for other countries to find their fame and fortune. In many villages the population speaks German due to the fact that before the 2nd World War this part of Poland belonged to Germany, only after the war did it belong to Poland. The children nowadays are taught English at school if there is a teacher available. Children between 15 and 20 can often speak some broken English. We would suggest that you invest in a Polish phrase book so that you will be able to communicate should you meet up with somebody that can only speak Polish.

Local sites around Marczow


It is full of tourists, certainly in the winter because of the ski slopes. A friendly place where the prices are fair for both Polish and International cuisine .

Towards at the top of the mountain there is a wooden Chapel,called Wang, which is worth a visit. Needless to say there are plenty of souvenir shops in the village where you can buy the traditional crystal and carved wooden figures together with deer rugs, but remember that although they are reasonably priced, it is not allowed to import them into an EEG country.
So be careful!

Jelenia Góra

This is the largest city in the direct neighbourhood where many very old buildings managed to survive the war. There are of course many museums and churches to be visited. The city also has a small market for food and goods shopping together with lots of other shops and restaurants. Here also it is possible to eat well at very reasonable prices. Bordering the city is a place called Cieplice were you can find healthy resorts.

Szklarska Poręba

This city is often called the pearl of the Karkonosze, very full of tourists and a good ski resort. There is a small waterfall and marked out walking routes, ranging in distance. Don’t forget that even in the summer it can be quiet cool in the mountains so take a jumper along with you.
There is a crystal factory in the city and many of the shops have crystal for sale but be very careful, often the cheaper pieces are seconds and could have air bubbles in them. Not that this has to be a problem as often they are very difficult to find and see.


This is an artist-paradise so beautiful, a city of some 700.000 inhabitants.
A city of bridge all crossing of the river Odra. In the river are many small islands. A bustling market place and Town Hall and many other marvelous buildings.

Recreation around Marczow:

*Mountain walks with plenty of look out places, with marvelous views.
*In the  surrounding of Lwowek is a possibility to swimm in nature water.
*A number of castles, ranging from ruins to well kept buildings
*Horse-riding and it is sometimes possible to arrange for a horse drawn
buggy, not always with accompaniment.

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