“JASKOLKA” Sp. Z o. o is a young company in South-West Poland and is situated in a little village named Marczow. We started to breed and to raise Tinkers and Wielkopolski (WLKP). For more information, press button “Horse offer”.

Besides selling these races, we also offer you the possibility to put your horse into our stables against reasonable prices. We can guarantee that we take good care of them and they will get the right attention.

We can also be helpful when you are willing to transport a horse from Poland to Holland or other countries.


Romany horses have been around for many generations. As they have evolved they have settled into four main types, each distinctive to the knowing eye of the Rom. The Gypsies or Romanies/ Travellers as they prefer to be known, do not register these horses as such. As in all matters were Gypsies are concerned nothing is written down or recorded. Much editorial has appeared recently on the horses of the Romanies.
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Here are pictures from our stallion PICCO who has an official licence for breeding from the Dutch Studbook of Tinkers.
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